The ECS Therapy Center

The ECS Therapy Center is based in Oklahoma and was setup by Regina Nelson. The aim is a certification in cannabis and covers everything you need to know about cannabis and how to use it to treat many symptoms. The modules begin with the plant and breaking it down into its elements, then gradually guides you through the many different diseases and symptoms cannabis can help treat.

The Academy of Medical Cannabis

Welcome to The Academy of Medical Cannabis – the globally leading institute for clinical training and research in cannabis-based medicinal products.

Our comprehensive series of evidence-based modular courses are designed to provide clinicians across the world with open access to the vital teaching required to allow them to operate with CBMPs, and help their patients.

The Academy of Medical Cannabis provides an expansive and deep education in cannabis-based medicinal products and their related therapies. By working through our series of modules, you will be preparing yourself to actively consult with patients around these medicines, and where appropriate write prescriptions with the necessary grounding of knowledge and understanding.

You will need to continually refresh and update this training, in line with the requirements for medical practitioners of every school of medicine. Emerging research and continued developments will also allow us to proactively grow our content in real time.

Although aimed at clinicians, many parents and patients have used this as a great tool to better understanding the ECS and how cannabis could help their condition.







Raphael Mechoulam – 9th September

Dr Raphael Mechoulam: the chemist responsible for isolating Tetrahydrocannabinol addressed attendees in the keynote speech at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin to explain his cannabis research which unleashed the secrets of the cannabis plant.

Best known for his discovery of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the 113 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Mechoulam jumpstarted the medical revolution which has transformed the debate around cannabis and the lives of so many people.

Dr Dani Gordon – Speaking Soon


Dr Dani is a double board certified medical doctor, integrative medicine physician and world leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine,  brain wellness & stress resilience.

She was one of the youngest physicians to become American board certified in Integrative Medicine (the newest US physician subspecialty), co-founded the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians’s Society (MCCS), trained the UK’s first cannabis medicine specialists and helped set up the UK’s first cannabis medicine centres.

She has lectured at Imperial College, King’s College, and UCL on medical cannabis. She also developed the first medical cannabis training program for physicians in the UK and is a consultant for clinical research in cannabinoid medicine working with top researchers around the world.

She is a published researcher and her book THE CBD BIBLE: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution That Will Change Your Life. Publication is scheduled for publication on June 11th 2020.

She has studied mindbody medicine at Harvard, yoga and meditation extensively throughout India and southeast Asia with traditional teachers, QEEG brain scanning and EEG neurofeedback brainwave training with the top leaders in North America and was the founder of a neurofeedback centre specializing in burnout, peak mental performance and stress resilience.

She is regularly featured in the Sunday Times, The Guardian, Telegraph, Fast Company, Forbes, BBC radio and has been featured on the BBC and Channel 4 TV.




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