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Our Aims and Objectives

When we first started out using and researching cannabis, nothing central was available in the UK and it was really difficult to find the right information.

We felt there was a gap to fill in having a central forum to educate and inform parents and carers so they can work with their doctors to make informed decisions on their loved ones care. To provide a safe space for parents and carers to ask questions about medical cannabis and feel confident to advocate for their child or family members health care needs.

Access on the NHS will take time, NHS clinicians are not trained in the ECS nor cannabis. There are organisations which are doing this outside the NHS, but parents and carers have direct access to many clinicians, from physio to neurologists.

The more informed and better educated parents and carers are, the more confident they will feel in speaking about cannabis with their NHS clinicians, but also can pass on information, studies, research from MedCan.

We work and collaborate with everyone within the UK cannabis industry, we feel working with all organisations will only allow for better access and begin to overcome financial barriers for patients. But also allows us to let the industry know what is best for our loved ones, as parents what we are looking for in oils for our children.

To allow for research and evidence to be built to better

Cannabis in the UK is still very new, so reaching out to other countries and getting industry experts to speak directly with parents, to allow them to ask questions is an invaluable resource.

Many parents are using the CBD market but potentially unknowingly buying low quality oils. Again through education we aim to inform parents of potential pitfalls and how best to choose high quality, batch tested oils and what to be looking for on those tests.



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