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As parents ourselves when we first began using and researching medical cannabis, nothing central was available in the UK - it was difficult to find the right information.

There was a gap to close; a central forum to educate and inform parents, carers and families so they could work with their doctors to make informed decisions on their loved ones' care. That's when we setup Medcan Support as a community interest company.

We want to provide a safe space for everyone to ask questions about medical cannabis, we can begin to improve confidence and advocate for their children or family members healthcare needs.

Access to medical cannabis via the NHS will take time. Clinicians are not yet trained in the endocannabinoid system, nor cannabis.

The more informed and better educated patients and their families are; the more confident they will feel in speaking about cannabis with their NHS clinicians, and share information, studies and research from MedCan Support.

We collaborate with everyone within the UK cannabis industry. Working with other organisations will only allow for better access and the chance for patients to overcome financial barriers. As parents, we know what we are looking for when it comes to our children and their medicine; we want to share this with others.

Medical cannabis within the UK is still very new; reaching out to other countries and having industry experts to speak directly with parents is an invaluable resource.

While many parents are using the CBD market, they are unknowingly buying low quality oils. Through education, we aim to inform parents of potential pitfalls and how best to choose high quality, batch-tested oil.



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