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Despite a 2018 schedule change to allow patients to access safe medical cannabis products under the guidance of clinicians on the specialist register, patients are still faced with multiple barriers, including misinformation, stigma, and financial constraints.

As parents of severely ill children with complex needs we understand the daily pressures of their care. Having campaigned for over a year for access to NHS prescriptions, we actively encourage parents and carers to have open dialogue with their clinicians, which will break down barriers and accelerate access of medicinal cannabis within the NHS.

We engage with the private sector to ensure that suitable products are sourced and will obtain the best results for their patients.

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Using numerous resources and latest evidenced based research and reaching out to worldwide experts to help educate parents & carers

Share experiences

A platform for parents to share their experiences, worries and concerns without prejudice. To ask questions and gain experience from others.

Break down barriers

To give confidence to parents and carers to open up conversations about the use of cannabis as a medicine. To share experience and knowledge with their NHS clinicians.

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Parents and industry working together......

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