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Stop Denying Patients Access to Medical Cannabis on the NHS – Petition

Lets get to one million! – Medical Cannabis access on the NHS

In 2020 I co-founded MedCan Support with my friends Matt Hughes who has a son, Charlie with epilepsy and also Dr Callie Seaman who is a plant scientist and also has epilepsy. Through our shared experiences of using prescribed cannabis for our children and the challenges we faced, and knowledge we built, we felt there was a huge gap in supporting families. Medcan support is a non-profit organisation and a central hub for education, research, advocacy and support to the many families who are struggling with chronically unwell children who wish to pursue using medical cannabis with their child. We all felt very alone when we were researching the  use of medical cannabis and we don’t want anyone to suffer as we have in the past.

Although our aim is population wide NHS access for prescribed cannabis to all children suffering severe epilepsy, we wanted to help in other ways also. Before Alfie was well, I was so afraid and worried for his future and struggling to cope, I reached a point I felt I couldn’t go on anymore. There are so many families going through what I did. It’s sadly all too common to see parents and siblings suffering anxiety, depression and PTSD. With little to no respite and no support from NHS and families left to cope we want to raise funds to support families with receiving mental health support, respite, holidays and any specialist equipment needed.

We are hugely grateful that Melanie Sykes has recently agreed to become our Ambassador and help us raise awareness of medical cannabis access issues in the UK will also help support us with above in raising funds for our families.

We are also calling for more signatures for my petition. Lets get it to 1 million signers, then I can present it to the Prime Minister and ask him to urgently intervene in this policy failure that we see around medical cannabis access.

Please watch our film and share the link to our funding page and the petition both here to help us make sure that access is available on the NHS.

Best wishes

Hannah, Matt, Callie and Melanie xx

Melanie Sykes joins Medcan Support as Ambassador

We are excited to announce that Melanie Sykes has joined Medcan Support as Ambassador, her support will help us to raise the issues which are preventing access to medical cannabis within the UK.

Despite the law change in 2018, only three NHS prescriptions for whole plant medical cannabis products exist, access is only available via the private sector at large costs per month. This leaves vulnerable families struggling to raise funds to pay for private prescriptions and have that extra responsibility added to an already stressful situation. Those unable to afford prescriptions are left with no choice
but to turn to the unregulated illegal market and risk the inherent dangers of this choice.

With the added burden of funding private prescriptions, we aim to support families financially with grants for mental health support, respite, holidays and specialist equipment.  The impact of learning your child has a very severe illness, one that has no cure and many suffering severe disabilities and developmental delay, knowing life will be completely different to what you imagined, can cause severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, and these symptoms can be very common among parents.

Today we are also launching our fundraiser, we need your support to help families and bring some much needed relief by donating below ;

We look forward to working with Melanie and raising this issue with more information to follow soon…..

“I’m hugely proud to announce that I will be supporting MedCan Support as their ambassador.
I have been moved by stories of parents who face constant fear and worry from caring for
a child with severe treatment resistant epilepsy and for me this is unimaginable, the
welfare of the whole family unit is paramount, the child’s needs, the parents mental
health, as well as brothers and sisters who are greatly affected by having a sibling with

I was made aware of the struggle these families are facing in accessing medical cannabis
on prescription, this medicine has shown to reduce seizures and improve wellbeing for the
whole family. Sadly, families are left paying large sums of money via the private sector to
access this life changing medicine. This causes further worry and anxiety to an already
stressful environment. Adults too are suffering from a range of morbidities and
comorbidities and they have seen tremendous benefit from using medical cannabis,
but at large costs.  The law was changed in November 2018 to allow medical cannabis
to be prescribed, yet
only three NHS prescriptions for whole plant cannabis exist on the NHS, this simply isn’t good enough and change needs to come about sooner to enable access for all.

I support the work of the individual members of MedCan Support who are campaigning on access to this medicine, and I hope to help bring awareness about these issues. I hope to be able to use my voice to help raise funds to support families further with respite, holidays, specialist equipment and providing parents with mental health care if needed.”

Melanie Sykes.



Cannabis Therapy for Epilepsy – Dr Evan Lewis 16th September

Dr. Evan Cole Lewis is a Pediatric Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist with expertise in epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, electroencephalography (EEG), teleneurology and medical cannabis for the treatment of neurologic disorders. Dr. Lewis is the director of the Neurology Centre of Toronto (NCT) which he established in January 2017. At NCT, Dr. Lewis treats children with a variety of neurological disorders and he also treats adults for concussion, headache and epilepsy.
Dr. Lewis’ interest in medical cannabis began in 2013 while training at Miami Children’s Hospital – one of the major sites for the Epidiolex trials. He has significant clinical experience with medical cannabis in adults and children and is a member of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC), Canadian Childhood Cannabinoid Clinical Trials (C4T), and the Cannabinoid Research Initiative of Saskatchewan (CRIS).




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