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Intractable is a charity set up by families who have loved ones with intractable epilepsy. Our loved ones had exhausted all NHS treatments and we all ended up being thrown together after finding cannabinoid treatment. It helped our loved ones so much that we wanted to be able to provide some financial help to other families who are in the same position.

The only current route is private prescriptions and after funding the medication ourselves for the past 2 years we know the financial burden this can put on families. We want to help as many families as possible who want to try cannabinoid treatments. Lots of children/adults who suffer greatly from intractable epilepsy often don’t get the chance to try treatments outside of the NHS and they have to continue to suffer daily seizures.

Our Mission Statement

Intractable Epilepsy destroys lives, and it is our mission to make these lives better both medically and financially, for the sufferers and their families.

Full Extract Medicinal Cannabis can work where Pharmaceutical treatment has failed, although legalised in 2018 it is not yet fully available on the NHS. Assisting with the cost of private prescriptions from Neurologists is one way we can assist the families of these sufferers.

Until such a time when Full Extract Medicinal Cannabis Oil for the treatment of drug resistant epilepsy is available on the NHS, the Charitable Company ‘INTRACTABLE’ will aim to raise funds to pay for Private Prescriptions for those who qualify.

Medicinal Cannabis Oil was legalised in the UK in November 2018.

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